Telephone Counselling UK


Neil Ward offers telephone counselling to individuals wherever they live in the UK. Counselling by phone has distinct advantages and can be highly effective.

What are the benefits of telephone counselling UK?

  • you do not have to travel to sessions saving you time and money
  • convenience for people who live in remote locations
  • you can fit your sessions around your life which might be especially important if you travel as part of your work and don’t know where you are going to be week by week
  • it eliminates the need to organise transport, find cover for childcare commitments, take time off work or alter shift patterns
  • if you are ill or disabled, telephone counselling is the perfect solution as you can have counselling sessions from the comfort of your own home
  • telephone counselling also allows you a degree of anonymity
  • if you are nervous about coming for face-to-face counselling, find it difficult to leave your house because of agoraphobia, or suffer from social anxiety, telephone counselling may offer you a more comfortable alternative.

Furthermore, the counselling relationship can sometimes develop at a much faster pace than in face-to-face work. This may result in fewer sessions being needed saving in time and costs.

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