Marriage and Relationship Counselling Glasgow for Individuals in Relationships


Are you feeling stressed by your relationship?

Are frustrated that your partner does not seem interested in doing anything to save your relationship?

Do you sometimes wonder if you are contributing to the problems between you and your partner?

Or would you like to do something to save or improve your relationship before it’s too late?

Relationship Counselling for Individuals can help you

Coming along to counselling without your partner, to work on relationship issues, can still have a beneficial effect on your relationship or marriage.

Neil Ward offers relationship counselling in Glasgow. He also offers counselling by phone or by Skye video wherever you live in the UK.

Neil works with gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight clients who are married, civilly partnered or living together.

You might be considering relationship counselling for a number of reasons such as:

  • Feeling constantly angry and irritated with your partner
  • Fearing that your partner is going to abandon or reject you
  • Being in two minds about whether you want to continue with your relationship or not
  • Experiencing sexual issues that are affecting your relationship
  • Finding it difficult to communicate so that you often feel unheard and misunderstood
  • Feeling lonely in your relationship
  • Being in a sexually, physically or emotionally abusive relationship
  • Finding yourself constantly lying to your partner
  • Being jealous, insecure and clingy of your partner
  • Finding yourself sexually attracted to people other than your partner and afraid that you might act on your feeling
  • Finding it hard to be faithful to your partner and engaging in an affair or multiple affairs
  • Struggling to support a partner who has a long-term health condition, mental health or addiction problems

Things between you and your partner can improve:

Neil can help you:

  • To help you understand your role in your relationship problems
  • Communicate better with your partner
  • Rebuild the connection in your relationship
  • Help you to feel more secure in your relationship
  • Relight the intimacy and passion
  • Regulate emotions such as anger and irritation
  • Enable you to be closer to your partner

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