Relationship Counselling for Singles Glasgow

Do you despair of ever being in a healthy relationship?

Relationship counselling for singles could help you if you are:

  • Lonely and isolated and wanting a relationship
  • Frustrated that you keep making the same relationship mistakes over and over again
  • Hurting from the trauma of previous abusive relationships and unable to move on
  • Afraid of being hurt, rejected or abandoned
  • Shy and socially anxious leading to avoidance of intimate relationships
  • Trying to cope with low self-esteem or a poor self-image which affects your ability to connect with others
  • Always attracted to the wrong people
  • Scared of being overwhelmed in relationships or of commitment
  • Hurting from the break-up of a relationship
  • Trying to recover from separation, divorce or the death of a partner

Relationship Counselling for singles can help

Neil Ward is a qualified and experienced Counsellor. In addition to being qualified in individual counselling and therapy, Neil also has a certificate in Relationships Counselling from Relationships Scotland.

Neil offers counselling to straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual clients.

In addition to face to face counselling in Glasgow, Neil also offers relationship counselling by phone or Skype video wherever you live in the UK.

The benefits of relationship counselling for singles include:

  • Help you to feel better about yourself and become more confident
  • Understand yourself better
  • Work out what it is you are looking for in a partner
  • Resolve any individual problems that may be interfering with your relationships
  • Understand why you always seem to choose the wrong person
  • Attract the right sort of person
  • Help you to heal from past destructive relationships
  • Allow you to grieve the loss of a relationship
  • Learn to communicate better
  • Become more assertive and able to ask for what you need

Here is what one satisfied client had to say:

“I was recommended to try counselling after my relationship ended under quite horrible circumstances and my work felt totally overwhelming. I was under a very dark cloud and couldn’t imagine that ever changing, which really scared me. I felt very close to the edge of breaking completely. Counselling was like a pressure valve being released so that each week through talking about how I felt, I found myself again. Simply the best thing I’ve ever done for my own well-being. Thanks Neil”

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