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Depression isn’t really about feeling blue. It’s worse than that. Depression is gray. All the colour and interest is sucked out of life.

Everyday is low contrast and low energy. It’s as though the details of your life are no longer vivid and meaningful, but cloaked in a hazy, restless fog.

Is this the state of your world right now?

Has it been a while since you’ve had a cheerful, cloudless day?

Maybe it’s time to clear things up.

Do any of the following symptoms of depression seem familiar?

Unhappiness: You feel trapped in a cycle of misery.

Are you constantly feeling anxious and empty? Nothing makes you feel better. The sadness you feel is often times overwhelming and interrupts your ability to interact with others. At times you’re pessimistic and restless, other times you feel lost and helpless.

Low Self-esteem: You wish you were someone else.

Are you worn down by worthlessness? You don’t like yourself or where you are headed in life. You feel every mistake, poor choice, and fault intensely. You may spend a great deal of time criticizing your own interactions and performance or feeling guilty for not measuring up.

Agitation: You are perpetually bothered.

Do you often feel irritable or “on edge?” You have no patience and very little tolerance for people or normal activities. Everything and everyone seems to be a source of anger or aggravation.

Loss of Interest: You are unable to enjoy former pursuits.

Do favorite activities bore you? The activities you used to love and pastimes you couldn’t wait to indulge no longer hold your attention.

Lack of Concentration: You can’t seem to focus.

Is your memory failing you? You may find yourself frustrated by “brain fog”, unable to recall names, passwords, or other information you’ve known for years.

Fatigue: You live a “slow motion” life.

Are you exhausted, lethargic, or drained? Sluggish and mentally muddled, you might feel too slow and unmotivated to complete much of anything. You may struggle to leave your home for school, work, or social gatherings.

Sleep Issues: You sleep all the time or you can’t sleep at all.

Is sleep a constant preoccupation? The desire to sleep all the time is common when depression strikes. You constantly crawl beneath the covers to escape the world. However, it is also true that many depressed people deal with the exhaustion caused by persistent insomnia.

Food Issues: Your appetite is unpredictable.

Is your appetite nonexistent or overactive? You notice that your weight and appetite changed drastically. You may feel better when you are eating or more in control of your feelings when you are not.

Pain Issues: You hurt all over.

Do mysterious aches and pains plague you? Despite what your doctor says, you feel the pain. Your head aches. Your back is killing you. Unexplained pain or illness often accompanies depression.

Social Withdrawal: You just want to be alone.

Have you cut yourself off from the world? You don’t attend family functions. You rarely return phone messages or emails. You don’t want to be noticed or engaged. Isolation is a strong indicator of depression.

Suicidal/Self-harming Thoughts or Actions: You can’t take it any more.

Is the emotional pain excruciating? If you struggle with thoughts of suicide or indulge in reckless or harmful behaviour, it is imperative that you reach out to someone you trust or a professional therapist right away.

Restoring colour and vibrancy to your life is not easy on your own.

Seek help today. With support and proper treatment, the sun can shine again.

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