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Robert sat at his desk for a long time on Monday. He didn’t get much work done.

It seemed pointless to push papers or ring people about matters he really wasn’t interested in discussing.

He sat back in his chair and let his mind drift back to his beach holiday.

Two weeks of bliss.

Robert still had the taste of salt air on his tongue and holiday happiness in his head.

Only to come back to a cramped office and boring work.

He sighed. Returning to the humdrum of his normal routine really had him down.

How are you after your holiday adventures? Did you come back rejuvenated and ready to jump back into normalcy? Or are you too suffering the post-holiday blues?

What can you do to lift your spirits and ease that dissatisfied sense that real life just doesn’t compare?

Try a few of these post-holiday pick-me ups to banish the holiday blues:

1. Infuse bits of holiday spirit into your everyday life.

Who says you have to put all that peace and pleasure behind you?

Did you eat something lovely on your trip? See something gorgeous? Romp around in casual wear?

Go on line for similar recipes to try at home. Enlarge pictures of the sights you loved and hang them like poster-sized postcards on your walls. Wear those breezy shorts and tops around the house after work or on the weekends when you want to relax.

2. Honour your holiday perspective and promises.

Holidays often remind us to ”enjoy life more,” “spend more time with loved ones,” and “try new things.”

Holiday fun and frolicking shake us up a bit and wake us up to the idea that we can choose how to spend our time and energy. You don’t have to lose the possibility of change as soon as you walk through your front door.

Look for ways to transform your life in little ways. Change your morning route to work, enjoy the drive. Make it a habit to call your partner at lunch for a light chat about nothing. Look up a few evening dance or cooking classes to add some spice to your life. If you like the changes you’re making, or see the potential for more fulfillment, continue to let your holiday inform your life.

3. Recover: Holiday fun is often hard on your body.

Think about all your body may endure in the name of “relaxation.” Late nights, booze, rich food, and jet lag. All fine when you have lazy days to recover. Not so good when you have to get back to work and responsibilities. You’ll likely feel less blue if you ease back into into real-life. Do the things that will preserve the good feelings created by your holiday, but support your everyday routine. Sleep well. Eat nourishing, complete meals. Exercise.

4. Share the good times and the lessons learned.

The wonders of modern technology make sharing the seasons of our lives easy and engaging. No more boring slideshows and piles of blurry photo prints. Make a movie or Facebook page that include all the sights and sounds of your travels. Share interesting facts or funny tweets about navigating a new place. Social media draws people into your experience and allows others to comment and share it with you, long after your return home.

5. Plan a new adventure.

The best way to beat post holiday blues? Plan another trip! Just having something to look forward to can keep you motivated to get up and get going until the blues start to fade. Another paycheck earned is another bit of savings earned for the next series of travel tickets, hotel stays, and exciting experiences.

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