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Are You Worried That You and Your Partner Might Break Up?

Discover How Couples Therapy Can Help You And Your Partner Enjoy A Closer, More Fulfilling Relationship.

Whether you’ve lost the intimacy you once shared with your partner, or it’s starting to feel like you’re just ‘friends’, seeking help from a couples therapist can be what saves your relationship.

You may feel like you’re all alone.

This may be especially true if your partner doesn’t seem to understand you. Maybe you’ve tried turning to friends or family for help. Unfortunately, they don’t always understand what’s happening or what to say that is helpful.

If it feels like your relationship is sliding ‘downhill’ and you’re desperate to save it, I can help.

10 Signs That You Can Benefit From Couples Counseling

If your relationship exhibits any of these 10 signs of problems, couples therapy may be the solution:

  1. You and your partner are not communicating with each other
  2. Arguments are never unresolved; it’s incredibly frustrating
  3. You feel like you’re not being heard or understood by your partner
  4. Your relationship lacks the emotional and physical intimacy you once enjoyed
  5. You don’t have fun together anymore; your relationship just feels like a struggle
  6. Your partner doesn’t treat you with kindness and respect
  7. You don’t trust your partner, or your partner doesn’t trust you
  8. You can’t seem to agree on parenting issues
  9. You’ve recently discovered your partner is having an affair
  10. Addiction issues have driven a wedge between you
Couples Counselling Glasgow

Reaching out to a Couples Counsellor is the First Step

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times. All couples go through rough times at some point in their relationships…but when you get stuck and can’t find a way through, counselling is often your only hope for getting your relationship back on track.

Reaching out for help is a positive, first step in resolving issues with your partner so that you can have a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

Why See Me for Couples Counselling (Glasgow)?

As well as being qualified to work therapeutically with individuals, I have taken additional training to enable me to work effectively with couples and the relationship problems they experience.

I undertook a part-time, year-long conversion course with Relationships Scotland leading to a Certificate in Couples Counselling.

The course also required supervised practise of up to 120 hours with clients experiencing relationship problems. My work with couples is also influenced by The Gottman Method and Emotionally-focused Couples theory.

Choosing a properly trained counsellor is very important as the skills needed to work with couples are quite different from those needed to work with individuals.

But quite apart from that, I am passionate about working with couples and I am constantly attending training opportunities and reading, in order to provide the very best service.

“Neil, it’s been around a year since we came to you for help with our relationship. What a difference a year makes!

Things are going really well with us. We got engaged towards the end of last year and will be getting married shortly. We’ve got a lot to look forward to. It has been tough at times, as life is! But we’ve worked to strengthen our relationship and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

We still use a lot of the valuable advice you gave us including the communication techniques. Thank you so much.”

What is couples counselling?

Traditionally called marriage counselling, couples counselling, couples therapy or relationship counselling is for both married and unmarried couples.

The focus in couples counselling is not so much on the individuals, as in individual counselling, but on their relationship with each other, on the problems in the relationship and what they need to do to improve things.

I work with couples who are married, living together or in a civil partnership, including straight, bisexual, gay and lesbian couples.

Couples counselling may also be relevant for couples who are considering marriage or are about to marry, as well as those who are considering separation and divorce.

Couples counselling works best when:

  • you and your partner are fully committed to making your relationship work
  • you are ready to make the necessary changes
  • both partners are willing to take responsibility for their part in the relationship issues
  • you are able to be honest about your thoughts and feelings and to share them in the sessions
  • you participate fully in the sessions
  • you want to grow and develop as an individual and make your relationship better
  • carry out any homework assignments given
  • you are patient about the process and commit to the necessary number of sessions

What to expect in couples counselling?

When I am working with couples, I can have several roles including counsellor, mediator, facilitator, and coach. I will:

  • listen to you and your partner in an unbiased manner in a way that makes you feel heard, understood and respected by me
  • attempt to ensure that you listen to and understand each other
  • provide a safe, non-judgmental, relaxed and confidential environment where you feel able to open up and explore the issues
  • identify negative styles of interacting and increase your awareness of these
  • assist you to reflect on what changes you want to make
  • support you to make these changes
  • facilitate a shift towards healthier ways of interacting
  • help you to change your view of your relationship
  • decrease emotional avoidance
  • teach you to improve your communication
  • promote the strengths of your relationship

The process

First couples counselling session

I recommend that you come for 1.5 hours for the first session.

In the first session, I will start by asking you and your partner to tell me about yourselves as individuals. We will then move on to the history of your relationship, both the ups and downs, the strengths and the weaknesses. Finally, we will look at what has brought you to couples counselling at this stage, and at what you want to be different in your relationship.

Ongoing couples counselling sessions

In order for us to build momentum and quickly create new and more positive ways of relating, I ask that you attend weekly sessions, committing to a minimum of six to start with. Consistent attendance is necessary. In this way, you will see results faster, and save yourself time and money.

With my help you and your partner can:

  • Communicate without bickering, criticism or verbal abuse
  • Resolve conflicts more quickly without hurting one another
  • Develop a new and deeper understanding of each other
  • Get on the same page with parenting
  • Enjoy a deeper level of intimacy and enjoy time spent together
  • Forgive one another for past hurts and restore trust
  • Develop skills to help deal with future problems should they arise.
Glasgow Relationship Counselling

Get Your Relationship On-Track, Starting Today.

Imagine what it would feel like to regain that vibrant, healthy relationship you once had, and be happier with your partner once again.

Imagine how it would feel to love being around each other again…To experience a new, deeper level of intimacy in your relationship.

Here’s what one satisfied couple had to say:

“We would both highly recommend Neil, who we visited for Couples Counselling. And many thanks once again, Neil, for getting us back on track.

As a couple struggling in our marriage we were unsure as to whether couples counselling would work. Nervous and unsure of the process, we took the decision to give it a try and thank goodness we did.

Neil has an open, easy to talk to and calm nature that made it relaxing and helpful to us both.

There were many difficult and teary moments that Neil gave us time to work through but he also has a delicate sense of humour that was a welcome relief.”

With the help of couples counselling you too:

  • can have a more vibrant, more fulfilling relationship.
  • can improve intimacy with your partner.
  • can find forgiveness and heal from emotional pain.
  • can regain the trust you once had.
  • can have the relationship you want.

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