Counselling Online via Skype


Counselling online via Skype is a very convenient way to engage in counselling and psychotherapy when you can’t attend face to face sessions.

You could find yourself in one of the following categories:

  • Perhaps you travel a lot with work or do shift work.
  • Maybe you have a disability, which makes it hard for you to leave your house.
  • You could be living overseas and want to talk to a counsellor from your own country/culture.
  • Alternatively, maybe you have childcare or other caring responsibilities, which make it hard to find the time to travel to sessions.
  • Or, there might be no suitable therapists living near you, if you live in a remote area, for example

Whatever the reason, counselling via Skype could be the solution whether you are experiencing relationship, anger, anxiety, stress or depression issues.

Counselling via Skype is suitable for individual and couples counselling. I once even worked with a couple who were in different locations. One was overseas and the other one was living in the UK. Skype allows three way conversations.

All you need is a computer with either a built in webcam and microphone, and to download Skype.

Is it online counselling/psychotherapy via Skype video confidential?

Yes. Skype sessions are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and privacy. You can read more about this here on the Skype website.

What to do next?

If you are interested in working with me online, I offer a free 15-minute trial session where we can meet one another and try it out. Contact me today to arrange your free 15-minute session.





Online Counselling via Skype