The 5 Most Common Causes of Depression

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Depression rarely just fades away on its own. It can change the way you see yourself, your relationships, and the world in general. It can wear you out and wear you down, taking hold of your life and mood. But where does depression come from? It may help to understand some of the 5 most… Read more »

8 Tips to Help Yourself Overcome Depression

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  Depression is a tough opponent, but don’t throw in the towel. This thing is entirely beatable. Here are several ways to help take depression down: 1. Override withdrawal. Call someone you can trust for help. This is tough. You won’t want to do it. Depression will whisper in your ear ”You’re all alone,” or… Read more »

The Many Types of Depression: Descriptions and Symptoms

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When we talk about depression, what are we really talking about? Low mood for a day, a week? Must a sufferer always be found hiding beneath the covers? Or do periods of energy suddenly come and go? We do know that depression doesn’t necessarily get better on its own. And many people don’t know that… Read more »

New Fathers — Be Alert for These Signs of Postnatal Depression

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Movies make the journey into fatherhood look great. Those silver screen dads get to welcome their little one with pride and confidence. All the awkwardness, worry, and sleepless nights are rolled into a three-minute cinematic montage — complete with happy music and the sense that, together, he and his partner are a great team who… Read more »