Career Counselling Glasgow

Could you benefit from career counselling?


Are you unhappy in your job?

Do you long for 5pm and weekends?

Are you trying to discover a career that would be more fulfilling?

You can spend up to 25% of your life at work so it’s important that you feel happy there. Being in the wrong job, or having work related problems can have a big impact on your physical and emotional health.

Of course, any work-related problems are not completely out of context with the rest of your life; personal problems can affect your working life and work problems can affect your personal life.

Many people find it difficult to decide what they want to do for a living. People often spend more time and energy planning their annual holiday than planning their career.

Career Counselling Could Help You With:

    • Taking stock of, and clarifying your skills, interests and values
    • Problems in deciding on career alternatives
    • Difficulties in implementing career decisions
    • Trying to achieve a better work-life balance
    • Problems brought about by organisational changes such as restructuring
    • Job related stress
    • Low self-esteem and confidence holding you back
    • Life transitions such as redundancy and retirement
    • Performance related issues
    • Relationship problems with managers, peers and staff

Here’s what one satisfied client had to say:


“I came to see Neil because I was lacking direction in my life. My experience of counselling was based on what I had seen on watching TV shows and films so I didn’t know what to expect in our first session. Neil lets you decide the pace and after just a few short months I’ve seen big changes; I feel more confident to make my voice heard and will shortly start a new course towards a new career path.”

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