Do You Need Bereavement Counselling in Glasgow?

All of will experience bereavement at some point in our lives, and in all likelihood, we might experience it at several points. Sometimes we need support to come to terms with our losses with bereavement counselling.

Bereavement is mostly associated with how you might feel after losing a loved one through death.

You may also feel bereaved after the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a job, the diagnosis of a chronic health problem, personal injury, redundancy and retirement, children leaving home, a miscarriage or abortion, moving to a different location and so on.

The journey through grief used to be thought of as a series of stages, but this view is no longer so prevalent. Just as we are all unique individuals, so we all grieve in our own unique way.

However, some of the common reactions which you might experience as a result of a bereavement may include shock and denial, depression, anger, guilt and other difficult feelings. When your emotions seem as though they are all over the place, you might feel as though you are losing your mind, or that you are on some sort of emotional roller coaster. The end point is acceptance of the loss and being able to move on with your life.

Grieving after a death may become more complicated if you have suffered depression before, if the death was a traumatic one, or if you had a difficult relationship with the dead person.

How can Bereavement Counselling Help You?

    • Support to feel and explore your feelings in a safe place
    • Reassurance that what you are experiencing is normal
    • An opportunity to process your thoughts and feelings at your own pace
    • Discovery of your own coping resources
    • Preparing for anniversaries and other important dates
    • Help towards accepting the loss and reinvesting in your life
    • Planning how to remember and commemorate your loved one.

Here is what a recent client had to say:

“Neil, I really appreciated all the sessions we had, which unlocked a dark period in my life that I had always struggled to deal with. You have taught me to manage but not forget….I am sure there will still be moments of reflection, but I feel that I am in a better place than I have ever been, to deal with it.

Glasgow Bereavement Counselling

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I volunteered as a Counsellor at Cruse Bereavement Care in Glasgow from 2003 to 2008. Therefore, I have a lot of experience of working with clients who have been bereaved.

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