10 Ways to Heal Your Loneliness

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“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.” Gretchen Rubin When you’ve been lonely for a while, it may seem impossible to reconnect again. You may fear that something’s wrong with you. You may feel angry, depressed, lost…. Read more »

How Money Can Adversely Affect A Couple’s Relationship

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Mike and his wife aren’t speaking. While discussing the monthly credit card bill, they both said more than enough. They said things like: “I can’t believe you spent that much!” “Why didn’t you talk to me before using this account?” “How are we ever going to save anything?” Mike’s marriage isn’t the only relationship suffering… Read more »

61 warning signs of bad counselling and therapy

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Looking for counselling in the Glasgow area? The following post will hopefully make you more aware you of the signs of bad counselling. Counselling has been described as both an art and a science. Like any endeavour, involving people, it can go wrong. Therapists are human. They can and do make mistakes. They have off… Read more »

Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?

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Aren’t we supposed to be “nice”? Throughout childhood, aren’t our parents, teachers, or various other authority figures, always telling us to be nice, play nice, and say nice things? Who could blame a person for wanting the approval and acceptance that comes with being a nice person? The trouble comes when your desire to be… Read more »

What are the Dangers of Suppressed Anger?

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If you live in the Glasgow area did you know that counselling can help you with suppressed anger just as much as anger, which is out of control? Read on to find out more. Are you emotionally stuffed? Full of anger that sits in your belly, stiffens your neck, or regularly ruins your mood? If… Read more »

Unresolved Grief — What Can You do About It?

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If you live in the Glasgow area, bereavement counselling can help you with unresolved grief. Read on to learn more about it. “…The heart dominates your life when you are beset by a grief-producing event, and you must take direct actions to deal with the grief and unresolved grief before you can really function effectively… Read more »

9 Reasons Why People Have Affairs

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No matter how desensitised we become as a society, no matter how many statistics tell us differently, people having affairs is no small thing. To those who have crossed that line, you know that infidelity comes with risks and usually some measure of damage control, even if you survive it to become a stronger couple. What… Read more »