Waiting for the Worst to Happen? How to Cope with Anticipatory Grief

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Joy held her husband’s hand tightly, fear and worry on her face. She watched him, counted his breaths, hoped for any flicker of recognition. Ronald’s Parkinson’s disease was stealing more and more of their time together. After 45 years of marriage, she couldn’t accept it. She felt lost, disoriented. “What will I do?” she said… Read more »

8 Tips to Help Yourself Overcome Depression

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  Depression is a tough opponent, but don’t throw in the towel. This thing is entirely beatable. Here are several ways to help take depression down: 1. Override withdrawal. Call someone you can trust for help. This is tough. You won’t want to do it. Depression will whisper in your ear ”You’re all alone,” or… Read more »

10 Creative Steps to Cope with Financial Worry

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  Money trouble is difficult enough without the mountain of worry that comes with it. In fact, it’s the money anxiety that makes us sick, interferes with our productivity, and strains relationships. Finding ways to end financial worry frees our minds to resolve our money woes more efficiently. Here are 10 ways to put financial… Read more »

What are the Different Types of Anxiety?

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Anxiety is natural. It says “beware, be careful, back off!” But when that response to danger sounds constantly or unnecessarily, anxiety can get in the way of everyday functioning. There are seven different types of anxiety as follows: 1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is the most common anxiety type, affecting millions… Read more »