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Want to Overcome the Constant Anxiety And Worry In Your Life?

If You’re Desperate For Relief,  Anxiety Counselling Can Help

“Neil helped me with many anxiety and stress-related issues during a difficult time in my life. Within a short span of time, he helped me understand some of the concerns surrounding my situation and to recognise and accept myself. Neil was always caring, approachable, compassionate and professional. He helped me feel like I was not alone in this world, and I looked forward to meeting with him every week.” 

“No matter what I try, I just can’t seem to stop worrying about it!” – Does this sound familiar?

We all have times when we feel anxious about things in life. Things like preparing for an exam; waiting for your bride-to-be on your wedding day, or waiting to get results back from medical results…these are all examples of healthy, normal anxiety.

But when anxiety and worry control your life, you can benefit from therapy.



What Are The Symptoms of Unhealthy Anxiety?

You frequently find that you:

  • Feel like you can’t stop worrying about things
  • See things only from a negative point of view
  • Feel irritable and on edge – (you may not even realise this but friends and family may)
  • Withdraw from social situations that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Feel depressed – like nothing seems to make you happy anymore
  • Unable to sleep or relax
  • Experience physical symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, palpitations and breathlessness (panic attacks)
  • You might have irrational fears or phobias
  • You might obsess about things over and over, or feel extremely uncomfortable unless you compulsively engage in ritualistic behaviours

Unhealthy, prolonged anxiety can wreak havoc in your life, and negatively affect the lives of other family members. It can easily ruin your otherwise healthy emotional and physical well-being.

You’re Not Alone…

Many people suffer from anxiety and many of these people reduce or eliminate their anxiety completely through counselling.

With the right therapist, you can experience freedom from much of your anxiety too.

Anxiety is treatable.

As an anxiety counsellor with more than a decade of experience, I have helped people from all walks of life, find relief from their anxiety, and I can help you do the same.

How Can You Benefit From Anxiety Counselling?

Since 2003, I’ve successfully been helping people in Glasgow cope with and overcome anxiety and excessive worry. I’ll help you increase your awareness and self-understanding of when and under what conditions you feel anxious. Awareness is the first step to gaining control over your anxiety and stopping it.

I’ll show you relaxation skills such as controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

With the correct treatment, anxiety counselling can help you gain control of your anxiety, restore your happiness and move forward in your life.

Imagine having the ability to control and manage your anxiety so it stops destroying your joy in life.

Imagine feeling more relaxed and in control.

Imagine being able to attend social functions and feel at ease.

Imagine being able to sleep better at night and feel rested in the morning.

Imagine feeling happier and having more energy to enjoy the things you like to do.

With my help, you can experience a more fulfilling life, regain your happiness and free your mind from negative patterns of thought.

Anxiety counselling can open the door to more joy and peace of mind. I invite you to contact me now for a FREE 15-Minute telephone conversation. ?

Don’t let anxiety ruin your quality of life.

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