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What is anger?


Anger is not a dirty word! Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. It can actually be very useful to feel your anger if your are being bullied or intimidated, for example, as it signals that you need to do something to protect, or stand up for yourself. And Freud suggested that depression was anger turned inwards.

Anger can range from mild irritation to murderous rage. And, like most things, anger in itself is not necessarily the problem. It is more about how angry you get, how often, and what you do with it.

How much distress is it causing you and others in your life?

Anger which is out of control can show itself in many guises such as frequent verbal outbursts and attacks, constant arguing, accidents, road rage incidents, controlling behaviour, violence, being bad tempered and irritable, and so on. Or you may find yourself struggling to hold your anger in several times a day.

This can lead to it having a very negative impact on your life. Having a problem with anger can affect:

  • your physical and emotional health
  • your personal and work relationships
  • your physical safety and that of others
  • how you feel about yourself.

So, as you can see, if anger is a problem for you, it might be well worth trying to gain better control over it! However, anger management is not about never feeling angry again but learning to manage it better.

How can anger management counselling help you?

    • Increase your awareness of what triggers your anger and irritability
    • Understand what happens when you get angry – how do you feel, what thoughts do you have and what do you do in terms of behaviour
    • Find out if anger is the real issue as it can be caused and exacerbated by stress, trauma, depression and anxiety. Anger may also be a sign of feeling deeply hurt and sad
    • Learn to take a different perspective on the situations and people who trigger your anger
    • Begin to take control of your anger
    • Learn techniques and coping strategies to help you cope both now and in the long term such as communicating more effectively and relaxation skills.
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