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Depression is a tough opponent, but don’t throw in the towel.

This thing is entirely beatable.

Here are several ways to help take depression down:

1. Override withdrawal.

Call someone you can trust for help.

This is tough. You won’t want to do it. Depression will whisper in your ear ”You’re all alone,” or “You’re worthless, no one cares.” Depression is lying. Someone will help you fight back. Call a friend who can help you find a therapist. If you already have a therapist you trust, call him or her. Today.

2. Value routine and structure.

Wake, shower, dress, eat. Do it again tomorrow.

Depression says, “Forget work. Stay in bed. Don’t do anything, what’s the point?” Depression does not want what’s best for you. What’s best is a routine that keeps you going. Maintain a schedule that keeps you moving forward, and less susceptible to rumination.

3. Exercise for overall well-being.

Your brain’s feel-good chemicals are waiting to be unleashed.

You probably don’t feel like working out. Depression will encourage you to stay on the sofa, but feeling better is just a brisk walk away. Ten minutes of aerobic activity has been shown to elevate mood for two hours. Keeps endorphins coursing through you that will help keep spirits high.

4. Rest must be a priority.

Rest and relaxation are mind-clarifying needs that must be met.

Disrupted sleep makes you vulnerable to depression. Sleeping too much, or too little, for a significant period of time interferes with proper thought processes, and alters mood negatively. Resist depression’s invitation to sleep all day or stay up all night. Balance is key.

5. Connect with people.

People need people. It’s how you’re wired.

Focus on interaction. Be where the real, three-dimensional people are. Bonding and belonging are vital to breaking depression’s hold on you. Quality relationships greatly decrease the risk of becoming depressed in the first place, and help lift depression, after the fact. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a co-worker, invite a trusted family member over, call a friend who’s been missing you.

6. Omega-3 indulge.

These fatty acids are a key part of stabilizing moods.

Foods like sardines, salmon, anchovies, and appropriately processed albacore tuna or trout are the best sources of this mind-boosting, healthy fat. Of course, the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are greatly amplified, if you also indulge in a generally nutritious diet. Try to increase whole foods and decrease sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and alcohol. Eat well and feel well.

7. Manage your thoughts.

You are not a lost cause. You do not deserve to be miserable.

Depression wants you to believe you‘re not in charge of your thoughts. That you’re too sad, numb, or helpless to mentally fight back. Depression is wrong. You’ll feel your energy start to rebound, and depression recede, when you recognize how negative thinking is bringing you down. Keep a mood or thought journal. Pay attention to your triggers and discuss them with your therapist. Thoughts are crucial. You can take them back.

8. Engage life intentionally.

Rumination and isolation seem preferable when you’re feeling low.

That’s just depression in your head again, trying to keep you powerless. Resist. Pick an activity to focus on. Set one small goal. Then choose another. Distract yourself from depression’s pull on your mind.

It’s okay if you feel exhausted right now, just keep moving.

Keep a few people in your corner.

Keep persistently replacing the negativity in your mind with recovery-thinking.

You can do this. You can overcome depression. You’ll see.

Challenge depression one day at a time… and win.

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